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Stuart Mann

Stuart, a fully qualified independent financial adviser.

He has worked in financial services for over 30 years, holding a variety of senior positions, and thoroughly enjoys the challenge of providing existing and new clients with financial advice in all areas of investment and retirement/pension planning.

A member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, ensuring customers have access to quality informed independent advice has been a key reason for working as an independent financial adviser.

What is your proudest moment in Financial Services?

Working with like-minded advisers and creating Collaborative Wealth - an advice firm that has acquired authorisation directly from the Financial Conduct Authority.

What is your favourite sport / past time?

Has to be golf I am afraid – One of a few remaining sports that rely on integrity and self-regulation.

Favourite factual TV Show?

Anything medical – I'm always fascinated and amazed by what such talented people can do and the brilliant care workers who, so often, go unrecognised.

Favourite Music Tastes?

Unbelievably varied – Rolling Stones to Eminem; Stevie Wonder to Frank Sinatra and Swing. Music tastes come from important times in my life, which is why they are so varied across the years.

Favourite Famous Quote?

Whilst I think he had many poignant quotes, the one that emanates with me, and also what we have tried to achieve, is that of Benjamin franklin – 'An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest'. It's appropriate across so many areas in life.

One thing you could change in the world would be?

The pace at which we all seem to live today – too often we are texting/emailing/sharing on twitter and Facebook and forget to enjoy the moment and the people we are with.

Role model / Famous icon?

Would have to be my parents – great principles and values and worked long hard hours to raise our family and give us the opportunities we had – I am very lucky.

What my dream retirement looks like?

I am sure I will retire one day, but – when you enjoy something its more of a pastime than a job, so I will keep going as long as I can

If you weren't in financial services, you would be a?

I always wanted to be a Fire Fighter but was unsuccessful in my applications & assessments. Mathematics was always my strong suit at school, so a career in finance was probably the best outcome.

Email: stuart.mann@wealth.coop
Mobile: 07977 233450