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Salah Ahmed

Salah has 17 years of Financial Services Experience and is Level 4 Diploma qualified.

Having graduated at the University of Bradford he started his career in financial services at the iconic CIS building in Miller Street Manchester learning the Ethics and Values instilled in the society by the Rochdale pioneers. Working at the Co-operative Bank from 2006 helping clients and their families with their financial affairs. Following the closure of the financial advice arm or Co-op Bank, Salah choose to become an Independent Financial Adviser, and has for the last 8 years been working closely with clients to advise and guide on their personal financial circumstances.

Salah spends the majority of his time with his family and friends. His wife Saima and children Haroon, Musa, Hannah and Zayn ensure he is kept on his toes. He is committed to working in the community and takes on several voluntary roles to help the vulnerable in our society. He is a passionate football fan and enjoys coaching and supporting young children to enjoy sport and stay healthy. He can be seen juggling his shopping out of the supermarket in an attempt to help protect our environment from plastic bags and all things harmful to our planet.

What is your proudest moment in Financial Services?

Being able to help and support clients meet their goals.

What is your favourite sport / past time?

I’ve always enjoyed being sat around with the family watching the football – although my little girl can’t understand what all the fuss is about “watching a load of guys kicking 1 ball”! My other favourite past time is reading which is slowly taking me away from my old addiction of Music!

Favourite factual TV Show?

Anything David Attenborough keeps me, and my kids, glued to the screen.

Favourite Music Tastes?

I enjoy a range of Music from Pop, Rock & Roll to Hip-Hop and Classical. I’ve always loved “I Giorni” by Ludovico but after my children showed me the “God’s Plan” video by Drake I find myself humming that instead.

Favourite Famous Quote?

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

One thing you could change in the world would be?

Fighting of all descriptions!

Role model / Famous icon?

Nelson Mandela – visiting his cell in South Africa made me appreciate his courage even further.

What my dream retirement looks like?

I don’t plan on retiring but if I ever had to then it would be helping my family.

If you weren't in financial services, you would be a?

If I wasn’t helping the people, then I would love to help the animals... so probably a Zoo Keeper.

Email: salah.ahmed@wealth.coop
Mobile: 07841 414351