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Rachel Foster

Rachel has worked in Financial Services since 1995 and has been a fully qualified Financial Adviser since 1999.

She loves meeting with new and existing clients, building long term relationships whilst helping them in various life stages to achieve their dreams.

What is your proudest moment in Financial Services?

Securing a role as a Financial Adviser at The Derbyshire Building Society at just 23.

What is your favourite sport / past time?

Hiking. I love trails such as The Cotswolds Way & South West Coast path with some amateur wildlife photography along the way. I have also recently taken up yoga which I really enjoy.

Favourite factual TV Show?

Blue Planet. In fact, anything with David Attenborough.

Favourite Music Tastes?

I love most genres of music. I think my favourite has to be Coldplay & The Beatles, but I will literally listen to anything from Jim Reeves to The Foo Fighters.

Favourite Famous Quote?

"Whoever is happy will make others happy too." - Anne Frank

One thing you could change in the world would be?

Any type of cruelty to people or animals.

Role model / Famous icon?

Florence Nightingale. I admire nurses and the work they do.

What my dream retirement looks like?

More time for enjoying what I enjoy now which is visiting family, cooking, exercise, travelling & photography.

If you weren't in financial services, you would be a?

Marine Biologist, although I’m not sure it would be as fun as I imagine it to be.

Email: rachel.foster@wealth.coop
Mobile: 07968 034947