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Chris Bates

Chris, a fully qualified independent financial adviser.

He has worked in financial services for 16 years, starting off at the CIS, earning the sought-after position of Financial adviser at the Nottingham Branch of the Co-operative Bank. He loves meeting clients, new and old, and thoroughly enjoys helping them achieve their goals with his financial advice in all areas of investment, protection and retirement/pension planning.

A member of the London Institute of Banking and Finance, ensuring customers have access to quality informed independent advice has been a key reason for working within Collaborative Wealth.

What is your proudest moment in Financial Services?

Receiving a phone call from a client thanking me for advising on and setting up a critical illness policy for them. They had been diagnosed with cancer and the policy paid off their mortgage. Knowing I had made a difference to their life was amazing.

What is your favourite sport / past time?

It has to be football. My first match was in January 1979 and since that game, made famous by Keith Weller wearing tights, I have been hooked and a Leicester fan ever since.

Favourite factual TV Show?

Neither of my children would be here if it wasn’t for Nottingham City Hospital Neo-natal unit and the care that they received there. This makes One Born Every Minute a must watch for me.

Favourite Music Tastes?

I like all kinds of music, but I was at University during the ‘Manchester’ scene and Indie bands such as ‘The Stone Roses’ are brilliant. I still think their first album is the best debut album of all time.

Favourite Famous Quote?

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you will be right.” It is so true- a positive attitude can make the world your oyster.

One thing you could change in the world would be?

To ensure every child can receive an education

Role model / Famous icon?

My parents were (and still are) selfless people who always put their children first and they have made me who I am. Now though, it’s my wife and children who just make me want to be a better person and to make them proud.

What my dream retirement looks like?

Enjoying life whilst watching my children make a success of theirs.

If you weren't in financial services, you would be a?

Air Traffic Controller. I have been in the control tower at East Midlands airport and thought it was so incredibly interesting.

Email: chris.bates@wealth.coop
Mobile: 07808 230402