A Wealth of service awaits, for all your savings and investments planning needs.

At Co-operative Wealth we passionately believe in being open and honest in everything we offer. Please read below to find out what your co-operative independent financial advisor will discuss with you.

Step 1

Let’s take your first picture

We openly discuss and record an on-line detailed fact find to help us form a complete picture of your current financial circumstances.

Step 2

Assessing your attitude to investments risk (ATR)

Two objective questionnaires are used in this vital process ‘Psychometric ATR and ‘Knowledge and Experience’ . The answers help us have an honest discussion on all your savings aspirations.

Step 3

Different Tax Wrappers

During this discussion we will review the main types of tax wrappers.

- ISA's

- Investment Bonds

- Pensions

Step 4

Asset Allocation

We discuss the investment philosophy where funds invest across the 4 main asset classes.

- Cash / Money market

- Property

- Bonds

- Shares

Step 5

Let's take your second picture

You discuss with us where you want to be in the future for your financial planning needs that are important to you, for example;

- Capital Growth

- Income (now or in the future)

- Maximum Security

- Sustainable or Ethical Investing

We will then agree the next steps for the second review.

Step 6


Your Co-operative Wealth advisor will research the whole of market to match plans with your aspirations and goals.

Step 7

Second Review

- Discussing how your potential plans meet your goals

- Agreeing the next step

- Agreeing your future Wealth Service Plan

Step 8

Future Wealth Service Plan

We let you decide the level of service you are looking for in the future.

Your Co-operative Wealth Service Plan

We will discuss and agree with you what on-going service you want us to provide. See the three options below;


-View portfolio on line

-Quarterly newsletter

-Annual Statement

-Capital Gains Tax (CGT) calculations

-Telephonic advice


-View portfolio on line

-Quarterly newsletter

-2 F2F reviews

-Capital Gains Tax (CGT) calculations


-View portfolio on line

-Quarterly newsletter

-2 F2F reviews

-Capital Gains Tax (CGT) calculations

-Optional third F2F